Quality Water Management for A Better Tomorrow


Enhancement of community quality of life

Growing society with community development projects in a sustainable way.

Socio-Economy It is the framework for developing socio-Economy. It creates economy which collaborates with basic way of life in the social that expressed through projects and activities as followed

1. Meeting of community network, reducing expenses, increasing revenue followed the sufficiency economy project East Water adopts the sufficiency economy idea of the King and adjust it to the current economic conditions. We expect people to have good quality of life by reducing expenses, increasing revenue and use quality goods. The company has begun this project since 2010 by expecting that the communities which are trained can be develop to local products groups. Moreover, since 2010 – 2012 there are 120 training and 15,000 participants.

2. Annual Ka Thin Ceremony Year 2015 the company has joined the annual friendship Ka Thin Ceremony at

1. Ban Kluay Temple, Tambon Klong Khuen, Amphoe Klong Khuen, Chachoengsao
2. Sala Nam Luek Temple, Tambon Nong Bua, Amphoe Ban Khai, Rayong

3.Soccer Friendship Match In the year 2010 the company has cooperated with government sectors/local community to arrange the sport friendship project . The project aims to build awareness to the community and employees for the advantage of sports as sports give benefit in terms of health and harmony. The soccer friendship project has consequently arranged for 5 years and received good coordination and supports from employees and area community.

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