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CSR activities of February, 2019

  • East Water attended the activities of the World Wetlands Day of 2019 having Mr. Theerawat Sudsook, Deputy Governor of Rayong Province, to preside over the ceremony at the Rayong Botanical Garden, Klaeng District, Rayong Province. 

  • East Water attended the opening ceremony of the Bang Pakong Red Cross Office at Bang Pakong District Office, Chachoengsao Province. Mr. Rapee Phongbupphakit, Governor of Chachoengsao Province, President of Chachoengsao Provincial Administration Organization, Bangpakong District Chief, and members of the Red Cross of Chachoengsao Province welcomed Mr. Phranai Suwannarat, Director of Thai Red Cross Chapters Administration Office, who traveled to preside over the ceremony.

  • East Water was invited by members of Provincial Council, Muang Chachoengsao District, and the chief of Khlong Udom Chonlachon Sub-district to participate in the examination of the qualification award for the excellent Sub-district chief of the year 2019 at the Khlong Udom Chonlachon Sub-district Chief Office, Muang District, Chachoengsao Province, having the Deputy Governor of Chachoengsao Province to preside over the event.

  • East Water provided field umbrellas and field tents for the Sports Association of Rayong Province to be used in organizing the sporting events in Rayong Province having the Office Director of Sports Authority of Thailand to receive.

  • East Water attended the charity Muay Thai Boxing Day event at the temporary boxing stadium, Municipal Stadium, Chum Saeng Sub-district, Wang Chan District, Rayong Province, having Mr. Kiattisak Tangcharoensutthichai (Hia Tai), Advisor to the President of Rayong Provincial Administration Organization, to preside over the ceremony.