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East Water Group places an importance of process of procurement and outsources, covered all business aspects such as raw water, water supply, and wastewater as well as alternative and friendly energy and Building administration, with the consideration of better and sustainable rapport with partners.

Policy of procurement is based on the high benefit toward company in order to ensure that those who need goods will have items or service with quality, reasonable price and meet all their requirements. Besides, the operation has to ponder social and environmental aspects. I addition, the process of procurement is abide by the manual and regulations of procurement which based on transparency, examination, connecting with new technology which cover from the process of partners selection, contract making , checking and evaluation process as well as payment for goods or service in order to ensure the fair business operation to East Water Group and partners

  1. Vendor List (VL) refers to vendor in general that sells goods or provide rental service related to East Water Group’s activities
  2. Approved Vendor List (AVL) refers to the vendor that passes the criteria according to quality management system in raw water pumping process of the company as follows:
    1. Various type of pipes refers to water pipe, measuring equipment, water meter, water gate, check valve, air valve, meter (only for main pipeline), sized from 200 mm. onwards. They shall be separated as follows:
      • Pipe and equipment manufacturer
      • Water transmission line manufacturing and installation contractor
      • Pipe and equipment distributor and sales agent
    2. Water pump refers to raw water pump from 100 horsepower onwards. They shall be separated as follows:
      • Water pump manufacturer
      • Water pump acquisition and installation contractor
      • Water pump distributor and sales agent
    3. Advisor refers to a company that provide advices on building construction related to water transmission system, pipelining work, water pump work and water transmission control (SCADA)
    4. Building construction related to water transmission system refers to the construction of water station, water tank, depressurize tank that are related to raw water transmission system
    5. SCADA refers to the contractor for installation of water pumping and transmission system and communication system
    6. Pipeline Laying Service refers to the contractor who responsible for laying pipeline and/or installing water station and / or fixing raw water transmission system
    7. Pipelining maintenance refers to preventive maintenance of pipeline.
    8. Information Technology system refers to the employment to create a system that use computer to manage, store, collect, process the information and make a report to facilitate decision making.
    9. Electric work refers to the contractor who responsible for the installation of high voltage power system, substation, low voltage power system that are related to water pumping and transmission system.
  1. Be a juristic person registered in Thailand, except for those applied for Joint Venture or Consortium who cooperate with foreign juristic person. Only Lead Firm needs to be a juristic person registered in Thailand.
  2. In case of Joint Venture or Consortium
    • The companies cooperated as joint venture should not be more than companies and the name of the companies must be specified. The companies in the group cannot apply for registration with more than one group.
    • There must be Joint Venture Agreement.
    • In case of joint venture with foreign juristic person, Thai juristic person must be the Lead Firm and holds responsibility in the joint venture not less than 51%
  3. Must not have privilege or diplomatic protection which allow the person to refuse going to Thai court, except for the case that the government of the applicant has made order to give up such right and protection
  4. Must not be listed as the company that abandoned the task by government, state enterprise or private company and must not be the company whose agreement was terminated by the project owner due to contract default
  5. Must not be juristic person under bankruptcy process or rehabilitation according to court order
  6. Must have on lawsuit against the Company or complaint with any third party in relevant to the Company or have any dispute
  7. Current directors, managements, and shareholders of the applicant must not be stakeholder or must not relates to the Company or the other companies applied to be AVL with the Company as specified in the law on stock and stock market or other relevant laws.
1. Vender List

Registration document in the form of computer file
(support .pdf file sized not more than 1MB)


Please read the text above, and then type it in the area below.

2. Approved Vender List
  1. Company’s or Limited Partnership’s Certificate, issued not more than 6 months
  2. Memorandum of Association together with evidence proving the payment of capital
  3. VAT Registration Document (Por.Por.20)
  4. Certificate of the work for the last 5 years in which the vendor is the main contract party of the project owner / expertise / copy of employment contract / account showing amount of material and construction price of the government agencies, state enterprise, company until the application date
  5. Certificate or Letter of appointment for manufacturer / sales agent
  6. Officer in charge of the operation / must be engineer in various fields not less than 1 year. The evidences of the employment, tax payment and experience of the engineer in such field.
  7. List of equipment, machine and factory of the Company. For consideration, their status and function must be checked in order to see whether they are in good status and can function efficiently or not. The evidences of ownership or lease must be provided.
  8. Financial Statement certified by Certified Public Accountant for the past 3-5 fiscal years
  9. In case of advisor, the vendor should be a company registered with Thai Consultant Database Center, Ministry of Finance
  10. Others (Apart from the requirement and must be approved by the Committee for AVL selection first
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