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East Water conforms to the order while the Treasury Department confirms that this delivery does not affect water users

East Water delivers assets with the rights to the property in the overlapping area. The consent was compelled to order but all transitions are allowed to be legally correct both the project scope of the Treasury Department water pumping, which will affect household water users industry, and an overview of water management in the EEC area mainly.

The Treasury Department had an order for Eastern Water Resources Development and Management Public Company Limited or East Water to deliver the assets of the Nong Pla Lai - Nong Kho water pipeline project and the Nong Kho-Laem Chabang Water Pipeline Project, Phase 2, to the Treasury Department. On April 11, 2023, Mr. Sommart Maneeyan, Deputy Director-General of the Treasury Department, authorized to act on behalf of the Ministry of Finance and the group inspected the property delivery area together with East Water and the new operators.

In the afternoon of April 11, 2023, the Treasury Department held a meeting of 3 parties regarding the delivery of assets and checking relevant documents. The Treasury Department has confirmed that the assets will be handed over, while East Water asked to take into account the impact on water users because there are assets of East Water built to connect the main water pipeline in the eastern region to be a Water Grid according to the cabinet resolution, such as meters, water pumps, pumping stations, SCADA systems that control water pressure remotely. The handover of assets without an agreement on a joint action plan will affect water users. Therefore, a memorandum of acceptance and delivery of assets owned by the Ministry of Finance has been signed for the management and operation of main water pipeline systems in the eastern region Nong Pla Lai - Nong Kho Water Pipeline Project and Nong Kho - Laem Chabang Water Pipeline Project (Phase 2) jointly between Mr. Sommart Maneeyan, Deputy Director General of the Treasury Department, authorized to act on behalf of the Ministry of Finance and Mr. Bodin Udol, Chief Operation Officer authorized by East Water. The essence is that East Water also has overlapping rights in the area and other assets as specified in the asset list. The mutual agreement is reached between the Treasury Department and East Water later in order not to affect water users.

East Water intends and operates by realizing the importance of water users, overall water management and investor confidence in the EEC area. The management of the main water pipeline in the eastern region, which is the economic backbone of Thailand, must be carefully considered in accordance with legal procedures and no criminal action occurred. The assets that East Water has delivered according to the order of the Treasury Department is the duty of the Treasury Department and new entrepreneurs to proceed with awareness of the importance of water users and compliance with the law.



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