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East Water drives its business with the concept of fostering sustainable growth of community, society, and environment along with the company’s business

               “Water is the origin of life” and indispensable resources for living. This includes the daily usage of water by people and usage of water for agricultural and industrial purposes which are important economic driving forces of the countries. The company intends to drive the water management business and carefully utilizes water resources most effectively while developing the community, society, and environment. This means that water represents sustainable life relations. For almost 30 years of  Eastern Water Resources Development and Management Public Company Limited or East Water has operated its business transparently and in accordance with the god governance principles without reducing the quality of life of community, society, and environment.

            “East Water has managed water resources to support the national economic growth by taking account of the life quality of people in the community and society as a whole” is the main policy determined by East Water as the sustainable guidelines to return profits to the society. This has been done through 3 aspects of community development framework, including water utility promotion and environmental conservation projects, learning promotion projects, and life quality promotion projects.

            Water utility promotion and environmental conservation projects: East Water separates the areas where the activities would be conducted into 3 parts: upstream, midstream, and downstream which are around the reservoirs and water sources that are raw water costs of the company, as well as the watershed forests which are the joints between 5 provinces in the eastern region. The projects include natural resources and water sources restoration projects such as forest cultivating in the eastern region, participatory maintenance and restoration of community forests to increase green areas in the community forests which are the joints between 5 provinces in the eastern region, aquatic animal release to maintain the ecosystem balance and maintenance of aquatic animals at the mangrove forests of Bang Pakong River.

            Learning promotion projects include East Water’s water maintenance network, East Water’s youth camp for water conservation, and scholarships for creating East Water’s youth camp for water conservation to monitor and inspect water quality in the areas for sustainable water conservation in the community, community water supply production control and maintenance (integrated with Fix It Center Project) to improve the efficiency of water supply system and minimize water shortage problem, model schools for canteen wastewater treatment system to become the model learning center for simple water management and wastewater treatment for the nearby communities.

                We determine to apply our competence, experience, and expertise in water management to create and develop the projects for sustainability upon collaboration between East Water and the community to raise awareness of water resources conservation and promote life quality of people by enabling them to access clean water and have sufficient water for consumption.

            During COVID-19 pandemic in the past 2 years, East Water has supported the budget, drinking water and supplies to help and mitigate hardship of the community to ensure that East Water will never leave them in any circumstances.

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