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NRF collaborated with East Water

NRF collaborated with East Water in being the first organization researching the retention of carbon from seaweed in Thailand to move forward to Net Zero Emission in 2050, promote circular economy by using seaweed as the organic fertilizer for the upstream agriculturists. It was expected that the global market growth would be higher than 1.97 hundred million Baht in 2030.

This is one of the striking events when NR Instant Produce Public Company Limited or NRF, the leading manufacturer of environmentally-friendly food seasoning products and ready-to-eat food at international standards collaborated with Eastern Water Resources Development And Management Public Company Limited or East Water, the leader of complete water management, in being the first organization developing the seaweed planting system to retain carbon. This project aims at promoting the circular economy through the supply chain, sustainably preserve the marine environment both in conservative and commercial aspects to improve the quality of life of the people in nearby communities. 

NRF and East Water realized the importance of sustainable conservation and development of marine environment. Both companies, therefore, organized the signing of Memorandum of Agreement for Seaweed Farming as seaweed has a high potential to absorb and retain carbon which causes the global warming. This project could help reduce the problem and maintain natural environment for marine life. In addition, this project aims at improving the life quality of the community people and the nearby residents, as well as promoting the circular economy by using the obtained seaweed to make consumer products and transform it to organic fertilizer to improve the basic economy of the country and the community economy.

Mr. Dan Pathomwanit, Chief Executive Officer, NR Instant Produce Public Company Limited or NRF, additionally mentioned that the company strived to put the policy into practice, that is to become one of the Thai listed companies moving forward to sustainability by designing the business that aims at reducing carbon which is the main mission of operations. This is because the proportion of carbon emission from the business sector is one-thirds of the global carbon emission. Moreover, consumers tend to eat plant-based food more, so this mission is a good step to make the company become the world’s leading food company in the 22nd century. Based on the above policy, it can be seen that Thai businesses have strong potentials to make changes for global sustainability, and the company can be a role model for the business that moves forward to sustainable development.

“Collaboration with East Water is a good step to move forward to the new form of development and marine environmental conservation. We will be the first organizations in Thailand that study the feasibility of seaweed planting project, especially kelp, which is large brown seaweed that can absorb carbon from the atmosphere through marine ecosystem or blue carbon. The marine ecosystem is the world’s largest source of carbon retention and absorption. The seaweed products can be used to make organic fertilizer for agriculturist who are the upstream raw material producers for NRF plant. They will be driven into Regenerative Farming to promote circular economy to the stakeholder in our supply chain. Therefore, we encourage the agriculturists to do organic farming to promote food safety for NRF’s products in order to deliver quality, safe and environmentally-friendly products to consumers. This could be another green investment of the company. I truly believe that decarbonization in agricultural and food sector would be a new s-curve of Thai economy. It will also be conservation and operation of economy which is friendly and creates more sustainability to marine and coastal ecosystem. Furthermore, it can foster Thailand to move forward to Net Zero Emission in 2050 which is earlier than the government’s plan in 2065,” said Mr. Dan Pathomwanit.

Mr. Charin Sony, Vice President for Strategies and Business Development, East Water, additionally mentioned, “Today is one of most important collaborations between NRF and East Water to move forward to the development of pilot project of carbon credit management. With potentials and expertise in ready-to-eat food production, plus the expertise in water management of East Water, the project can be driven for the best mutual benefit of both companies, The Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC), local communities, and the country in the near future”.

Based on the previous operations, East Water has the expertise in complete water management, including supplying raw water with more than 500 kilometers of raw water pipeline networks covering 3 provinces in the Eastern region, namely Rayong, Chon Buri, and Chacheongsao, industrial water production by centralized plant using Sludge Return technology which is the largest in the Eastern region. Its maximum industrial water production capacity is 200,000 cunic meters per day and it is used for production and distribution of water to large industrial estates in Rayong Province. In addition, East Water always places importance to sustainable water resources management with the aim of sustainably conserving and developing the environment for the country.

Collaboration between the two companies in this project is considered the integration of powers of the two leaders of sustainable food production and effective water management. This not only helps reduce carbon emission to atmosphere, it is also expected that the global organic fertilizer market would grow by 13.56% with the market value of 1.97 hundred million Baht in 2030. This could create jobs and incomes to fishermen and aquatic animal farmers along the coast and the nearby communities. This project aims at fostering the green economy along with socially and environmentally-responsible operation in accordance with the goal of sustainable development of both companies.

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