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East Water and T Utilities cooperate to develop source of water in EEC

 “East Water” and “T Utilities” cooperate to set out a plan for developing water sources and water resource management from soil wells in Chonburi province and Chachoengsao province to support the demand for water in the Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC) to secure and stabilize water resources according to government policy.

                Eastern Water Resources Development and Management Public Company Limited or East Water, the expert in integrated water management, by Mr. Jirayut Rungsrithong, Chief Executive Officer, signed Memorandum of Understanding with T Utilities Company Limited by Mr. Kriangkrai Pianwittayasakul, Executive Director, which is a subsidiary of Property Perfect Public Company Limited and SCI Electric Public Company Limited, jointly study the potential and feasibility of the water sources for procurement and development of raw water sources from private soil wells in the area of ​​Chonburi Province and Chachoengsao Province, along Route 331 as a water source of the EEC area, approximately 96 million cubic meters per year, supporting the demand for water sufficiently and sustainably according to government policy by leveraging East Water's expertise and experience in water management in coastal areas for nearly 30 years, along with the availability of nearly 500 kilometers of raw water pipes to gain confidence and increase investment potential.

               Mr. Jirayut Rungsrithong,  ‎Chief Executive Officer of East Water, revealed that “This year, East Water is preparing to announce a full-scale expansion into the water business, in parallel with the drive by government policy in the Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC), East Water is part of the support for the integrated water service, as well as water management for the EEC, and get ready to become a Smart Water to support water demand in the eastern region in all sectors. Therefore, we can be confident that East Water will continue to grow sustainably by using the expertise in complete water management services to build water security and stability. Prepare for economic growth now and in the future.”

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