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EAST WATER – CARABAO TAWANDANG signed Water Purchase Agreement for Industry to secure the source of water to support the growth

Carabao Tawandang Co., Ltd. signed the Water Purchase Agreement for Industry with Eastern Water Resource Manage and Development PCL or EAST WATER to get ready for industry water supply service providing to support the growth in the future.

Mr. Kamoldit Samutkojorn, Vice Managing Director in Production of Carabao Tawandang Co., Ltd. and Mr. Charin Sony, Senior Executive Vice President and Chief Strategy and Business Development Officer of Eastern Water Resource Manage and Development PCL or East Water are the representative in Water Purchase Agreement for Industry Signing Ceremony at Carabao Tawandang Co., Ltd. with the purpose to increase capacity in providing services for customers, as well as to secure the source of water and increase credibility for the customers in long term.

Carabao Tawandang Co., Ltd., which has a production plant at Pimpa Sub-district, Bangpakong District, Chachoengsao Province, is an energy drink production company  with various types of products in terms of packaging and ingredients in order to create a unique taste and quality in response to the demand of different group of customers in each country. Apart from that the company also export finished products from Thailand. Currently, the production plant has a capacity to produce the finished products at the maximum of about 1,600 million can and 1,800 million bottle per year. Carabao Tawandang Co., Ltd. has the intention to use industry water that meet the international standard quality in order to make the product with the best quality for the consumers.

East Water is the leader in full-service water management who provide service to water user across country. The company uses modern technology that saves energy and space in order the produce industry water that meet the international standard quality as agreed with Carabao Tawandang. The capacity of the industry water production is up to 4,000 million cubic meter per day. The water management focuses on responding to water demand of the customer in every format. The strong point of East Water is to provide industrial water service to respond to water usage demand adequately and sustainably. The company focuses on providing service for setting out the modern industry water system by using new technology with low-cost and high efficiency. Apart from that, the companies also exchange their experiences and pass on the technology to create credibility and potential for investment.

East Water is ready to support the economic growth according to the policy of Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC) with the readiness of the raw water transmission network covering all main sources of water in EEC and continuing the full-service water services to provide to the customer professionally. We can be confident that this cooperation will bring security in water supply to duly support the growth of the customer.

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