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East Water is ready to provide tap water production service in Wangchan Valley Project

With the vision to establish security and maintain stability of water source to easter area, Eastern Water Resources Development and Management Public Company Limited or East Water is determined to adopt modern technology and innovation to gain reliability and to response to demand of the water users in long term in order to make the industry sector grows continuously and sustainably.

“Wangchan Valley Project or EECi” is one of the projects that East Water is selected by PTT Public Company Limited, the Developer, to be the entrepreneur for tap water production and services.  EECi project located at Pa Yup Nai Sub-district, Wang Chan District, Rayong province, having the project area more than 3,500 Rai. East Water becomes the main partner with National Science and Technology Development Agency (NSTDA), Ministry of Higher Education, Science, Research and Innovation, to set out the plan to develop and manage the area. Therefore, Wangchan Valley is the key location of “Eastern Economic Corridor of Innovation or EEC” to elevate the capacity in research, development and innovation in every part of the country to support economic growth according to Thailand 4.0 policy.

          On 3 November 2020 EECi has received royal grace from Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn to attend the opening ceremony of Intelligent Operation Center (IOC) in EECi. Mr. Jirayut Rungsrithong, President, and Mr. Charin Sony, Vice President of Strategy and Business Development attended the event as the witness and gave report about tap water service providing to EECi.

East Water service providing can be divided in 2 portions which are:

  1. Raw water pipeline supply and installation - The main raw water source used for EECi is from Prasae Reservoir. East Water lays raw water pipelines from the main water pipeline of Prasae Reservoir - Nong Pla Lai Line, connecting the pipes to the project at Ban Yup Ta Neng junction and connecting a separate pipe to supply raw water into the project with the distance of about 4 km. to access the installation of the water supply system in the EECi area.
  1. Manage the water supply system - The technology that East Water has chosen to produce tap water for EECi is the Ceramic Membrane System, in which the membrane's surface is structured with a Silica Carbide with only 0.1-micron pores, before it is further filtered at 8 microns. It can be applied with all types of water source. The membrane structure is highly durable and has long service life. The filtration rate is high and the water loss rate is low. It is corrosion resistant and energy saving. It takes up little space for installation, the maintenance cost is low, and it can produce tap water according to international standards. The maximum production capacity is 3,000 cubic meters per day.

East Water is ready to move forward to stabilize water supply to Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC), with an emphasis on planning and managing water to meet the increasing demand for all water users, both from the increasing of the population and the development in various fields, including innovation and modern water management technology used at the same time.

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