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East Water reveals the performance of 2019. Using drought control measure at full power.

East Water reveals the performance of 2019. The income increases from 2018 as a result of the continuously increase of raw water sale. The company is ready to use drought control measure by cooperating with all sectors to manage the water during the drought.

     Mr. Jirayut Rungsrithong, President of Eastern Water Resource Manage and Development Public Company Limited or East Water revealed the performance of 2019, in which the company earn income from the sale and services of 4,680.08 million baht in total, increasing by 459.09 million baht or 10.88% as compared to year 2018 due to the increase of the sales of raw water and the net profit is 1,044.79 million baht, decreasing by 72.73 million baht or 6.51%.

     With regard to the amount of the raw water transmission on January – December 2019, it was 313.41 million cubic meter as compared to on January – December 2018 which was 249.75  million cubic meter, increasing by 63.67 million cubic or 25.49%. The customers can be categorized as the industrial estate of 47%, consumption of 26%, industrial park of 12%, water business of the group of 10%, general factory of 5%. The total sale of raw water which was increased from the continuous increase of the need to use water of the customers in consumption group.

     The leading crediting rating company like “TRIS Rating”  ranks Eastern Water Resource Manage and Development Public Company Limited or East Water (EASTW) at A+ and the credit rating tends to be the same, reflecting the strength of the company as the water management company with raw water transmission network completely covering the eastern coast area,  the water use demand that is increased due to the Eastern Economic Corridor development, the good profit rating and consistent cash flow.

     Apart from that, East Water is selected as 1 in 98 listed companies in Thailand Sustainability Investment for year 2019. The share in the company is considered as the share of listed company what run the outstanding environmental, social and Governance (ESG) business. The company pays attention to the beneficiary both in terms of society and environment, and also adopts the sustainable administration procedure. The company won the Rising Star Sustainability Awards 2019 in the category of Sustainability Excellence which is the award for the listed company that is outstanding for running the business with sustainability and the company also won Sustainability Disclosure Recognition from Thaipat Institute, so that the beneficiaries grow together with the company and response to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) efficiently.  

     East Water has cooperated with all sectors, such as Royal Irrigation Department, the Federation of Thai Industries and Industrial Estate Authority of Thailand to manage the water and seek solutions to the drought issue. In this regard, East Water has set a plan to use the measure to provide support. The progresses are: seeking additional source of water from the pond of private sector to support Chon Buri and Chachoengsao areas, accelerating to purchase water source from the private sector, as well as improving the water quality to meet the standard, getting the water pump system ready for pumping the water from reserved pond in Samnak Bok, which were finished in February 2020.

     The project to improve Klong Nam Daeng at the end of water diversion pipe of Prasae reservoir - Klong Yai reservoir by laying HDPE sheet and dredging to separate water diversion pipe of Prasae reservoir- Klong Yai reservoir and water diversion pipe of Prasae reservoir- Nong Pla Lai reservoir to increase the amount of water pumped from Prasae reservoir about 100,000 cubic meter a day is expected to finish at the beginning of April 2020. The pump storage system construction project for Klong Sapan to fill Prasae reservoir (Temporary) is expected to be finished in April 2020. The pump storage system improvement and repair project for Wat Lahan Rai (Rayon River at the end of Nong Pla Lai reservoir) to fill Nong Pla Lai reservoir is expected to be finished in April 2020. The Chachoengsao (Klong Khuen) pump station improvement project to enhance the efficiency of water pumping from Bang Pakong river reservoir is expected to be finished in July 2020 and the project for pumping the water from Rayong River to Tabma reservoir is expected to be ready for use in September 2020.

     East Water developed the idea  to invite all sectors to participate in water resource management through the principle for sustainability by creating the behavior to use water worthily and cooperate in all sectors under the project “Encouraging Thai to Pay attention to Water”. The project offers new principle of water use consisted of 3 parts, which are Useful, Reserve and Detect. The principle focusing on using water usefully for sustainability, estimating the water allocation and water reserve adequately and carefully, and controlling the water use plan to match the water use behavior in order to avoid the imbalance of water use. This principle will help to drive the use of water resource efficiently and adequately for the future.

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