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East Water prepared to promote 7 measures to fight the drought

From the current drought situation in terms of measures to support the water shortage crisis in Chonburi, Rayong and Chachoengsao Provinces, relevant agencies in all sectors, industry council, Provincial Waterworks Authority, the Royal Irrigation Department collaborated to manage water to alleviate drought including the Federation of Thai Industries. The request was sent for the cooperation from the Industrial Estate to reduce water usage by 10 percent. The Provincial Waterworks Authority also procured other water sources to help increasing the amount of water. The Royal Irrigation Department prepared for machinery and requested the cooperation for controlling water use of farmers and all sectors to use water economically and strictly in accordance with the water allocation plan in order not to cause damage and have enough water throughout the drought continuously until the rainy season this year.

         Mr. Jirayut Rungsrithong, President and CEO of Eastern Water Resources Development and Management Public Company Limited stated that East Water cooperated with all sectors to manage water during the upcoming drought season as follows: 

1. Request for cooperation from all sectors to reduce water usage by 10%,

2. Procure additional water sources from private soil wells to supplement the areas in Chonburi and Chachoengsao,

3. Prepare water pumping system at the Samnak Bok reserve pool,

4. Chachoengsao Pumping Station Improvement Project (Khlong Khuean) to increase pumping efficiency from the Bang Pakong River,

5. Prasae Reservoir - Khlong Yai Reservoir Pipeline Connection Project connected with the Prasae Reservoir - Nong Pla Lai Reservoir pipeline,

6. Project for increasing the amount of water supply in Nong Pla Lai - Nong Kho pipeline,

7. Water pumping project from the Rayong River to the Thap Ma Raw Water Reserve Pool.


In addition, East Water created and developed the concepts to encourage all sectors to take part in the care of water resources through the practices in achieving sustainability and relieving various water crises which will happen in the future. The determination was in creating worthwhile water usage behavior and collaborating with all sectors under the project of “Water use with care” to present new water usage practices.

This idea was designed to be practical guideline for all sectors and it could be applied to everyday life whether for household, agriculture or industry to change the behavior of using water to help sustain water resources and mitigate the severity of water crisis in various aspects. The practice consisted of 3 parts; worthwhile use, forecast, and control. The 1st part was to use the water resources worthily towards sustainability by adopting the principles of reducing, reusing, and recycling to help. The 2nd part was to predict water allocation and reserve water for use sufficiently and adequately to the amount of water that has been allocated carefully. The 3rd part was to control the planning of water usage to suit their own water usage habits in order not to cause the imbalance of water use in each month until affecting the water sources. This could support the sustainability of the country’s water resources to be sufficient for the future needs as well as supporting the unceasing growth of the Eastern Economic Corridor or EEC which was an important mechanism leading to national security and driving the use of water resources efficiently with sufficient water for the future ahead.

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