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Deputy Minister of Interior 3 visited the eastern region to deal with drought. East Water is prepared to ensure that there is enough water for all sectors.

Rayong Deputy Minister of Interior 3 conducted a visit on the work of the Ministry of Interior, attended a meeting on East Water’s water management in the eastern region, and visited Thap Ma Fresh Water Reserve Project.  East Water insisted on ensuring sufficient amount of water for all sectors, raising the concept of sustainable water management.

Dr. Songsak Thongsri, Deputy Minister of Interior, together with his group of team members, conducted a visit to inspect the work under responsibility of the Ministry of Interior, at the Rayong Operation Center of the Eastern Water Resources Development and Management Public Company Limited (East Water), during which time Mr. Jirayut Rungsrithong, President and Executive Director of East Water, hosted the visit.  After that, the team visited Thap Ma Fresh Water Reserve Project, which is under the responsibility of East Water.

Mr. Jirayut reported to Dr. Songsak about the vision, mission, and business operation of East Water, in summary that East Water has a mission to move forward to create stability, and to maintain the stability of water resources, to build trust, and to meet the needs of long-term water usage, through the management of fresh water transportation systems vis large water pipes, covering the ground within the Eastern region, connecting almost all important water sources in the Eastern region, to providing a full range of water services to water users.  In addition, East Water uses state-of-the-art technology to enhance the efficiency of the system, to design a system that is suitable for each water user, to ensure the coastal areas in the Eastern Seaboard Is an important economic area of ​​Thailand.  East Water is ready to develop new projects with all departments, namely the Government, local government organizations and the Private Sector, to create water security for the country under the vision that, "The Company as a leader of Integrated Water Management in Thailand."

Dr. Songsak emphasized on the preparation for the impact of drought in 2020.  Mr. Jirayut reported that East Water has collaborated with all sectors to manage water during the upcoming dry season, via a meeting with the relevant agencies to find preventative measures to handle the drought.  Details are as follows;

  1. Management of water usage control for customers in all areas to be reduced by 10%, commenced operations within 15 Dec 2019, by initially asking to negotiate with customers before submitting water usage control letters.
  2. Procurement of additional water sources from private wells to supplement the areas in Chonburi and Chachoengsao.
  3. Construction and renovation of pumping stations.
  • Prasae Reservoir - Khlong Yai Reservoir, connecting the Prasae Reservoir - Nong Pla Lai Reservoir
  • Chachoengsao Pumping Station Improvement Project (Khlong Dam), to increase the efficiency of water pumping from the Bang Pakong River
  • Project to increase the amount of water distribution in Nong Pla Lai - Nong Kho
  • Thap Ma Raw Water Reserve Pool Project
  • Construction of a pumping station project from Khlong Luang Reservoir, to increase the amount of water reserved

In addition, East Water, has created and developed ideas to encourage all sectors to participate in the care of water resources through sustainability practices, and to alleviate various water crises that may occur in future, by striving to create worthwhile water use behavior, and collaborate in all sectors under the concept of "Reminding Thailand to pay attention to water use," through the introduction of a new type of water use practices, by communicating through a tool called "URD," a concept designed to be practical for all sectors, which can be applied to everyday life in the households, agricultural sector, or the industry, in order to change water usage habits, to help Water resources are sustainable, and to alleviate the severity of the water crisis in various fields, which consists of 3 sections; namely Value, Control, and Forecast.

Section 1 Value: The use of water resources with value and sustainability, by using the principles of reduce, reuse, and recycle (U).

Section 2 Control: Water allocation and reserve for sufficient usage, to be sufficient to the amount of water that has been allocated carefully (R).

Section 3 Forecast: Water usage is planned to accommodate the water usage habits, in order not to cause a balance of water use each month that affects water sources (D),

This guideline is to support the sustainability of Thailand’s water resources to meet future needs, and to support the ongoing growth of Eastern Economic Corridor Development Project (EEC, which is an important mechanism to ensure national security to drive the usage of water resources efficiently, and to have enough water for a sustainable future.

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