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East Water joined with the Eastern Institute of Vocational Education to develop the bilateral vocational education for upgrading the professional quality

East Water joined the development of bilateral vocational education in the Eastern region - Eastern Water Resources Development and Management Public Company Limited or East Water by Miss Duangrat Pithak, Director of Human Resource Department revealed that the East Water had organized the training course of "coaching techniques", 1st generation, to 40 trainees in order to develop skills as a trainer in the organization for employees in the supervising positions under the cooperation agreement between the Group and the Eastern Vocational Institute. This aimed at enhancing the education by practicing skills through real experience for students, professors and educational personnel in the Eastern Vocational Institute to support the country's industrial sector in the future. The cooperation framework was for 5 years. The training content of the following courses emphasize on curriculum design, coaching, evaluation and assessment with the duration of 40 hours having Mr. Jirapong Chanprasert, Deputy Director of Eastern Vocational Institute, to preside over the training.

Miss Duangrat concluded that the cooperation would help developing the potential of the bilateral vocational education to be strong and have quality according to the needs of the industrial sector supporting the expansion of the Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC) project in accordance with the country's economic driving plans.

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