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East Water prepares for drought, builds confidence of industrial sector with sufficient water

East Water moves forward to build confidence in sufficient water for industrial demand, prepare various measures to handle water management for maximum benefit and offer full-range water services in response to the Eastern Economic Corridor or EEC development project.


            Mr. Jirayut Rungsrithong, President of Eastern Water Resources Development and Management PLC or East Water revealed as follows.  According to predictions of various forecast centers, it is estimated that in 2019, Thailand will be affected by El Niño phenomenon weakening continuously from January to August 2019, resulting in Thailand’s temperatures above the average during that period and amount of rain lower than the average of 10-30 percent.   Then the temperature and the amount of rain will return to the averages later.


            East Water has prepared various measures, including improving efficiency of water pumping system in all areas, increasing efficiency of water diversion, pumping across the areas and preparing raw water from private wells additionally for all water users to have sufficient water for consumption.  Currently, because of systematic water management and integrated East Water Model that has developed the raw water piping system with Water Grid linking major water sources in the Eastern region of more than 491.8 km., therefore the Eastern region has sufficient water to meet the needs of all sectors.


            Additionally, East Water held Water War Room meeting or the Eastern Water Operation Center to report water situation of the Eastern region in Rayong, Chonburi and Chachoengsao Provinces so as to closely monitor water situation and create the drought preventive plan with water reserve plan in case of drought, including pumping, diverting water from Prasae-Khlong Yai Reservoir, pumping water from  Prasae-Nong Pla Lai Reservoir, supply of raw water reserve sources from private wells, etc. by close coordination with the Royal Irrigation Department.  The objective is to maximize the benefits of water management, including sufficient water management and cost management for maximum value.


             The policy to support the development of Eastern Economic Corridor or EEC project in 3 provinces of Eastern Seaboard area, viz. Rayong, Chonburi and Chachoengsao Provinces will result in the growing trend of demand for raw water and water supply of the companies in the long term.  From surveying the needs of new and existing operators with the capacity expansion plan, it was found that the demand for full-range water services, i.e. raw water, industrial water, wastewater treatment and Recycle tends to grow continuously.  Thus, East Water focuses on expanding the full-range water business in line with the needs of customers and government policies in the EEC project, which currently receives attention of many customers.  Apart from Amata City Industrial Estate, Gulf Pluakdaeng Power Plant with the industrial water trade agreement already signed, other industrial estates are also under development, including customers outside the EEC area and the Company is currently offering full-range water services.


            Analysis revealed that the full-range water industry is highly competitive.  East Water has deployed proactive marketing strategy, research and development strategy as well as strategy for developing efficiency and expertise of full-range water personnel in order to create target customers’ awareness of full-range water products with clear, acceptable standards and technology of products  as well as the prices that can compete in the full-range water market well.