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East Water revealed the success of the sustainable water management project in developing the irrigation in the eastern region with the systematic water information linkage

East Water revealed the success of the water resources management project together with Kasetsart University in managing the water costs to have maximum usage potential linked to water resources in Rayong province for increasing the efficiency and improving irrigation water supply systems to support the EEC area. It was expected that all sectors would benefit from sustainable water management.

Eastern Water Resources Development and Management Public Company Limited or East Water (EASTW) revealed the success of the water resources management project to increase the potential of water resources focusing on the linkage of all water source data in the eastern region. The cooperation was joined by Kasetsart University by linking all water source data of the Royal Irrigation Department and East Water in integration manner. This could create the benefits of water users in every sectors both in the industrial and agricultural sectors truly.  

Mr. Jirayut Rungsithong, President of Eastern Water Resources Development and Management Public Company Limited or East Water, revealed “the preparation of this water management project is for knowing the status of existing water and for bringing the information technology to help analyzing and evaluating the water situation in various factors in order to find suitable alternatives for water diversion planning according to the specified conditions. This can reduce energy consumption and provide more comprehensive services. This water management project is the collaboration of government and private agencies which will create sustainability, stability and will truly benefit the water users of all sectors.”

The water source management project starts from the development of Energy and Resources Management System Project (EWMS), the development of networks of forecasting system and monitoring of water situation, the preparation of irrigation geo-informatics system database of the project to show the details of land ownership, irrigation areas, plant type along the waterway canal, pumping station, water pipeline and all irrigation buildings in the areas. This is for the benefits in planting and irrigation water supply planning. The water level monitoring devices and CCTV are additionally installed in various locations of Dok Krai, Nong Pla Lai, and Khlong Yai Reservoirs including the water diversion canal, Khlong Yai - Nong Pla Lai Reservoir to be able to accurately track the situation of water from important water sources in the eastern region accurately. It will be linked to the East Water pipeline data monitoring network to support the processing of EWMS system to work with maximum efficiency.

In addition, there are surveys of canal conditions and irrigation buildings, water supply towers on both left and right sides of the large waterways of the Rayong Irrigation Project for a total of 235 places to increase the efficiency of irrigation system in the area. The data from the survey and study on the causes is applied to suggest the ways to repair, improve the canal and irrigation buildings in order to increase the efficiency of water delivery of Rayong Irrigation Project. The problems and demands from government and private agencies are inquired for preparing the farmers' groups to be able to manage the products.

This water management project is a collaboration of public and private agencies between East Water and the Royal Irrigation Department that will help increasing the irrigation efficiency, enhancing the management capabilities focusing on linking all water resources in the eastern region. It will help reducing water loss and increasing the efficiency of water supply of Rayong irrigation project. The water amount in the water cost sources of Dok Krai Reservoir Nong Pla Lai Reservoir, and Khlong Yai Reservoir can remain more. The energy consumption in water diversion from remote sources can be reduced and the quality of life of farmers can be improved as well as helping driving GDP to the country. Once this project is completed, it will truly benefit the water users of all sectors.

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