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East Water accelerated in developing the water management project and developing the Eastern irrigation towards sustainability

East Water accelerated the water management project to develop the Eastern irrigation system. East Water Resources Development and Management Public Company Limited or East Water accelerated the implementation of East Water Resources Management Project to enhance the management capacity focusing on linking all water resources in the East. For the progress of the water management system development project after the canal and the water control building of the Rayong Irrigation Project survey, the equipment installation for water management was urgently needed to improve water management. The water level meter would be installed in the area of water level measurement to measure the amount of water draining through the water receiving building. There are 6 water meters in the downstream of the reservoir including the main canals on the left and right sides of Ban Khai dam, at the bottom of Dok Krai reservoir, at the bottom of Nong Pla Lai Reservoir, at the bottom of Khlong Yai Reservoir, and Klong Yai - Nong Pla Lai Canal.

East Water joined with Kasetsart University and Rayong Irrigation Project to measure the water level at the first point at Khlong Yai - Nong Pla Lai Canal by setting the level of openings of the drainage canal from Khlong Yai Reservoir one by one level. When the water level at the point of measurement had a constant water level and flow conditions, the water level data would be recorded and Collecting Acoustic Stationary and Moving Boat Discharge Data were used for interpreting the data. The studied data of amount of water from the water supply building gained from all 6 points had been completed and the results would be used to improve the formula for calculating the amount of water drained from the reservoirs. This would reduce the loss of water and increase the efficiency of water supply of the Rayong irrigation project well.

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