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East Water delivers industrial water services to Gulf focusing on water management to meet all customer needs.

"East Water" focuses on water management to respond to the needs of customers in all forms. Recently, the Company cooperated to provide industrial water services with "Gulf" to promote the water management using new low cost effective technology for supplying industrial water up to 60,000 cubic meters per day.

Eastern Water Resources Development and Management Public Company Limited or East Water, expert in water management in full range, signed in the industrial water sale and purchase agreement with Gulf P.D. Co., Ltd. which is the affiliate of Gulf Energy Development Public Company Limited or GULF, the major private power plant business operator of Thailand, to supply the industrial water to GPD power plant which is the power plant in the GULF group in Rayong Province with the modern and low-cost Centralized Clarified Water System for the efficiency and the highest cost-effectiveness.

This cooperation is considered the water management focusing on the water usage demand of customers in all forms which is the strong point of East Water. From the continued and fast-increasing demand for water use from the Gulf Power Plant, Thailand's leading electric power generator, in order to maximize the efficiency of electricity generation, East Water provides industrial water services to support water demand sufficiently and sustainably based on the expertise and experience in water management for the Eastern Seaboard for over 26 years. East Water has focused on providing industrial water systems with modern technology, low cost and high efficiency as well as sharing experiences and transferring technology to build confidence and increase investment potential.

Mr. Jirayuth Rungsithong, CEO of Eastern Water Resources Development and Management Public Company Limited or East Water, revealed “East Water prepares to move forward for water business in full range with the focus on customer service professionally. We move forward to become Smart Water 4.0 and support the growth of the industry in line with the Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC). With the potential and availability of the pipeline network, the main source of water in the EEC area can be covered. It can be ensured that this cooperation will help stabilizing the water supply to support GULF to have the potential and competitiveness in the business."

Mrs. Phornthipa Chinwetchakitwanich, Managing Director of Gulf Energy Development Public Company Limited said “From entering the water sale and purchase agreement this time, the Company will bring water to be used in the power generating process of GPD power plant project with the productivity capacity of 2,500 megawatt. It is located in Rojana Industrial Park Rayong 2, Rayong Province, under the name of Gulf P.D. Co., Ltd. It is one of the projects being developed. We consider that East Water has the potential in water management acceptable particularly in the EEC area. Meanwhile, GULF also focuses on developing the business of generation and distribution of electric power. The stability of infrastructure system in water is one of the important factors. We need to have the plan supporting the water provision in the long term to be sufficient for the increasing demand of water usage following the development plan in the future.”

The partnership between East Water and GULF will be divided into 25-year agreement term. There is the project on constructing the industrial water production system by using Centralized Clarified Water System with the total capacity of 100,000 cubic meters per day. It is the water-based system with low cost, new technology, and efficiency. East Water founds to create the pipeline network for supplying the raw water in the length of over 500 km covering the main water sources in EEC area. The main pipeline can connect to the industrial water system immediately. This will help the water management for Gulf to be more efficient and modern.