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East Water (EASTW) is proud of being one of the 65 listed companies with sustainable shares emphasizing transparency and social responsibility

East Water is ranked one of the 65 listed companies having sustainable shares of the year 2017 in the group of securities value of 10,000-30,000 million Baht. East Water is unique for its environmental and ecological management to ensure that its business affects the environment the least. Also, East Water prioritizes business code of conduct, anti-corruption and corporate good governance for sustainable business growth.

East Water has been announced as one of the 65 companies selected as Thailand Sustainability Investment (THSI) of the 2017 from the Stock Exchange of Thailand, and this is the second year that East Water has been selected as THIS. East Water is a listed company having the securities value of 10,000-30,000 million Baht and emphasizes sustainable business based upon Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) which can be a choice for investors who see the importance of sustainable development for long-term benefit and return.

The selection of Thailand Sustainability Investment (THSI) companies has been made by the Stock Exchange of Thailand for three years consecutively. There are 65 companies listed as THIS, which increases from 14 companies in the previous year. This reflects the awareness of the listed companies of striving for being alternatives for investors who are interested in sustainable investment in the companies which give positive impact on the society and the environment. Most of the selected companies have high scores in environmental and ecological management to minimize the negative effects of their business operation on the natural and societal environment. As for the economic dimension, most of the selected companies focus on business ethics and anti-corruption as well as corporate good governance, risk and crisis management. In terms of social dimension, most of the selected companies emphasize occupational health and safety of their employees as well as participation in the community and society to express their responsibility for the possible effects of their business on local people and the environment. Also, they cooperate with the communities in sustainably solving problems through business processes.

According to the result of the current year’s assessment, it can be seen that East Water (EASTW) aims for continuous development by taking account of social and environmental stakeholders. There are management processes to create sustainability. The importance is out on information disclosure and transparency. The roles and leadership of the directors are adjusted to be more proactive in terms of visions and business strategies.