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25 years of success of East Water, “Step of Growth”, continuous development for sustainable growth

Eastern Water Resources Development & Management Public Company Limited or East Water has celebrated its 25th anniversary in 2017. Since its establishment in 1992, East Water has been striving for fulfilling the wish of HM King Bhumibol and HM Queen Sirikit for development of Thailand’s water resources stability and sustainability along with social and community responsibility.

Two decades ago, East Water experienced a lot of difficulties as well as success in water resources management in the eastern region which made us proud and impressed. We have also learned how to work in harmony with local people and authorities including Royal Irrigation Department and water consumers, who have assisted East Water in learning and enabling its growth until it has become the leader in complete water resources management on the east coast.

One of the unforgettable incidents was the drought crisis in 2005 when “water” in all reservoirs has dried up. Local people had no water for consumption. Industrial sector had to reduce their use of water for processing and agricultural productivity dramatically dropped. All sectors needed to collaborate to find a solution to this crisis in order for the national economy to survive. This incident was a significant trigger of the change in the national water resources management including the planning of effective water resources management in the eastern region by East Water. Water piping system has been built to connect the main water resources in 3 provinces in the eastern region. The business has been conducted on the basis of cooperation with communities and forest conservation in order to increase stability of water supply for communities, which leads to the national economic stability as a whole.

Through the long journeys in the past several years, East Water has learned and responded to various kinds of challenges with the aim of fulfilling the needs of the stakeholders. “East Water found that it is necessary for our business to completely take care of the economy, society and environment from upstream to downstream. In other words, the lives of people in the communities located along our water supply network of 491.8 km. should be improved and they should have enough water for consumption. For this reason, on the occasion of the 25th anniversary in October, East Water would proceed with the creation of model communities along the water transmission lines, which consists of 3 model projects from the beginning, in the middle and at the end of the lines under the project name “25th East Water … Step of Growth”, said Mr. Jirayut Rungsrithong, President and Chief Executive Officer of East Water.

According to HM Queen Sirikit’s words “If His Majesty is water, I shall be a forest, which remains loyal to the water… His Majesty builds reservoirs, and I shall build forests” reflects that water and forests reply on each other. Based on HM the Queen’s words, East Water has created the model communities under the theme “Building Community Forests, Building Sustainable Lives” in collaboration with the members of community network at the connected border of 5 provinces in the eastern region. The purpose of this project is to maintain and revive the forests which are the sources of water in the eastern region as well as to preserve the traditional way of life, culture and tradition of communities in relation with the forests. The pilot areas include the area of 32 rai at Ban Samphran Community in Khlong Takrao District, Chachoengsao Province and the area of 70 rai at Ban Nongmuang Community, Wangchan District, Rayong Province. Both areas are the locations of the forests which are the origins of Khlong Seeyad and Prasae Reservoir, the largest water resources in Chachoengsao Province and Rayong, respectively.

Another model community project named “Community Water Supply … Creates People, Creates Happiness” has been developed for the purpose of providing local people with access to clean water sources in accordance with the Civil state policy, which is one of the government projects aiming to create stability and sustainability of the nation. Partnering with MWA, East Water has provided the skill training of “Control of Processing and Maintenance of Community Water Supply” to 9 vocational institutions in the eastern region through Fixed it Center, which is the center for community water supply maintenance, leading to efficiency and sustainability in the future.

When “water” flows to the end, the major problem of water degradation can be found. “Conserving Water, Conserving Environment” project is one of the model projects which can address this problem by changing wastewater to clear water. The project emphasizes the building of people’s awareness of the importance of water resources conservation. The network to monitor and measure water quality has been created. The grease traps or household wastewater traps have been built to appropriately treat wastewater before released to public waterways. The wastewater treatment device has also been built according to the principle of Chaipattana Aerator created by HM King Bhumibol.

Seeing the challenges and opportunities awaiting in the future, which include the integration into AEC and the future industry promotion policy “Eastern Economic Corridor: EEC” of the government, East Water realizes the importance of development and strategy adjustment with the aim to become “the leader in the complete water supply management of the country” to create strength and stability of water utility to Thailand as well as to continue the projects under the wishes of HM King Bhumibol and HM Queen Sirikit in conservation of forests and water resources. … 25th East Water … Steps of Growth.