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East Water shares knowledge of standard water supply system for enhancement of systematic management of community water supply system

We are moving forward to the second phase of the training of manufacturing and maintenance of community water supply system after the establishment of cooperation between East Water and the important partners which are Metropolitan Waterworks Authority (MWA) and vocational institutes in the eastern region in the previous year. Our project emphasizes the effective and systematic management of community water supply system with an aim to enable the local residents to manage the system on their own.

Eastern Water Resources Development & Management Public Company Limited or East Water has continued its main mission to improve the local quality of life which would lead to sustainable development under the training of manufacturing and maintenance of community water supply system, which is moving forward to the second phase. From the theoretical foundation of water supply management, the training has shifted its emphasis to authentic practice of community water supply management which comprises comprehensive procedures from the standardized water processing, water supply control, utilization and maintenance of water processing equipment such as motors and pumps, utilization and maintenance of water pumps, holding tanks, and improvement of water supply quality. The knowledge of these procedures have been integrated and shared to 9 vocational institutes in the eastern region including Rayong Technical College, Science Based Technology Vocational College, Chanthaburi Technical College, Trad Technical College, staff of the local administration, or persons who are responsible for water supply system, who would be the important groups to help the community water supply maintenance and training project successful, which contributes to sustainable water development in the local communities.

Mr. Jirayut Rungsrithong, President and Chief Executive Officer of East Water mentioned, “We have been developing this project continuously and it is the strong intention of East Water to build sustainability for communities in terms of access to clean water sources. However, there have been various problems of community water supply management. For instance, the system management in certain areas is not efficient due to the lack of knowledge of utilization and maintenance. Some areas are facing business loss while the most problematic issues are limited workforce and tools. For this reason, the cooperation has been established between East Water and MWA, which have experience and expertise in water transmission and water supply system, and vocational institutes in the eastern region through the Fixed in Center, Office of Vocational Education Commission, Ministry of Education, who have full workforce and effective tools, can address the problems completely. The recent training was workshop training in regard to “Control of Manufacture and Maintenance of Community Water Supply System” Phase 2, of which main focus was authentic practices. The aim of the training was to equip the participants with the skills of community water supply system maintenance which could be applied to the system in their communities for effectiveness and sustainability in the future.”

East Water started conducting survey on village water supply of the communities located at the serviced areas for repairs and improvements. This has led to the training of village water supply maintenance and management which started in 2008 and the project have been carried out continuously. Initially, the purpose of the project was to provide knowledge to village committees and staff of the local administration so that they could take care of the village water supply for sustainable use and for generating more income to the villagers. Until now, there have been 16 villages of which water supply system could be effectively maintained and managed as a result of our project. In the second phase, we plan to enhance the ability to control the production and maintenance of community water supply system correctly and efficiently through Fixed in Center.

As the operator of water resources development and management business in Rayong, Chonburi and Chachoengsao Province, East Water expects that the training of the Control of Manufacture and Maintenance of Community Water Supply System can strengthen the community according to “Thailand 4.0” policy announced by General Prayut Chan-o-cha, which focuses on development of knowledge, creativity, innovation, science, technology, and research and development, which contributes to stability, prosperity and sustainability for national strength and stability. Also, we aim to help local residents consume quality water, be able to make repairs of water supply production system by themselves and effectively manage the village water supply system on the basis of self-reliance.