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Encourage the youth to help caring the water resources to enter the 4th year of East Water Conservation Network Project

Over 80 persons of young people help enhancing East Water Conservation Network Project for the 4th consecutive year to expand the network of youth to jointly conserve water resources in the eastern region. With the activity of youth camp, young people will be motivated and educated in different dimensions in order to inspire them in the joint surveillance and conservation of water resources to remain with the community. These young people are aimed to become the key leadership in conserving water resources in their own area developed to the water resource conservation in the community and local levels.

Eastern Water Resources Development and Management Public Company Limited or East Water aims to conserve natural resources and environment especially water resources in order to reduce the impact on the way of life and to enhance the use of natural resources sustainably. East Water Conservation Network Project is arranged in the 4th year and continues to focus on the expansion of water sources. The goals are Nong Pla Lai Reservoir, Dok Krai Reservoir, Khlong Yai Reservoir, Pra Sae Reservoir, Bangpakong River, and public water sources in Chachoengsao Province. In the 4th year, the youth camp is held at Ban Rim Nam Scout camp, Bangpakong District, Chachoengsao Province.

East Water Conservation Network Project is the cooperation with the environmental warriors and water detectives in Chachoengsao Province and the Water Quality Surveillance and Monitoring Center in Pluak Daeng District, Rayong Province, to provide knowledge about water resources from the beginning to the flow of water, water conservation and inspection of contaminants in water resources, as well as raising the awareness for young people to love, cherish and use the water resources most worthily. It is also the exchange in knowledge in water quality analysis of water resources and enhancement of scientific skills for the youth.

In the 4th year, East Water Conservation Network Project still maintains the uniqueness in enhancing the knowledge of "water" through the youth camp arrangement to train the leadership skills extended from East Water Young Leadership Camp which has been held since 2008. In selecting the youth to attend the activities, will be selected by those who are studying in grades 2 - 6 of secondary school or grades 4-6 of elementary school and the youth who participated in water quality monitoring activities with the Water Quality Surveillance and Monitoring Center, Pluak Daeng District, Rayong Province or environmental warriors / water detectives would be selected. The youth who passed this camp will be able to analyze the water quality preliminarily and will be considered as the members of the East Water Conservation Network responsible for caring water sources in the community and disseminating the knowledge to the community further.

East Water aims for the East Water Conservation Network Project to be the source of knowledge, methods of water sampling, and water quality monitoring in local water sources. During
the past 4 years, water quality in various water sources are obviously improved. The youth is the important mechanism to foster cooperation between local and community stakeholders in water resources conservation. Moreover, these young people