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East Water proposed the ideas of sustainable water management in the National Water Conservation Week and World Water Day 2017

It was over 2 decades that Eastern Water Resources Development and Management Public Company Limited or East Water emphasized on creating the sustainability to natural resources especially "water" as the Company well recognized that water is the important factor of life and was the sustainability of the communities. The Company emphasized on conserving water resources and encouraging the communities to use water valuably. This was because adequate availability of water in all sectors represented the stability and sustainability of water management of the country.

          Previously, East Water had worked with educational institutes, communities, and public sector the areas of Rayong, Chonburi and Chachoengsao in order to launch the project to raise the awareness on sustainable water resource conservation. Starting from 2008, the Company had launched East Water Young Leader Project to give the scholarships to schools and the youth participating in the activities to develop water conservation in the schools further.

Later in 2011, the wastewater treatment project was conducted in the school canteens. This was because in the school canteens, the containers were washed. Therefore, the grease traps were necessary to be installed before discharging water to public in order to create the good sanitary according to the regulations of Ministry of Education. Thus, East Water requested for the pattern of simple grease traps from the Office of Natural Resources and Environment, Chachoengsao Province, for the schools given the scholarships to install the grease traps in the canteens. From 2011 to 2013, there were totally 235 schools having expanded their operations in installing the grease traps to treat the waste water in the canteens and these were considered the prototypes of grease traps and waste water treatment system ready to be expanded to the surrounding communities.

          Not only this, East Water continued to implement the missions to achieve sustainability. Therefore, the prototype school project in wastewater treatment system in the canteens was conducted under the cooperation with 7 Office of Primary Education in the areas of Rayong, Chachoengsao and Chonburi. Apart from raising the awareness to the youth and the communities to realize the value of water resource, the Company also emphasized on building the prototype school of simple wastewater treatment in the school canteens to be furthered to the communities and the source of learning about water conservation. The Company set the goal in creating the prototype school, one for each educational area totaling 7 schools. Each school would be assessed by the Board.

          The schools which would be selected as the prototype schools on wastewater treatment system in the canteens were required to operate and maintain their wastewater treatment systems regularly with the water quality improvement in order that the treated water could be used such as in watering the plants, feeding fish, making organic fertilizer, making EM, introducing the knowledge about the treatment system to insert in teaching, and being the source for learning about water conservation. The selected schools would be the prototype schools on wastewater treatment system in the canteens to other schools and local communities along with being funded for the development of waste water treatment systems which would be divided into 4 levels; diamond level, gold level, silver level and copper level. The details can be observed at

          Under the cooperation of East Water with schools and communities, the cooperation could be reinforced to raise the awareness and build the knowledge at the grassroots level. Apart from the main goal in creating water security for the country, East Water is confident that this mission will inspire Thai youth to understand the problem of water pollution, learn how to use water worthily. We believe that starting from children will be the important force that drives Thai society towards sustainable water resource management.