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East Water builds on suction and venturi aerators innovation for water conservation to Pattaya Technical College

East Water built on water conservation knowledge for the community by providing integrated training for youths to build suction and venturi aerators for 3 consecutive years at 3 institutes. These energy-saving, convenient to use aerators were developed to be installed and used anywhere in the community. Recently, the company provided training for Pattaya Technical College students to build collaboration on long-term environmental and water conservation in the community.


East Water Public Company Limited or East Water continued to provide water conservation knowledge for educational institutes in the eastern region to build on 3R water management innovation competition projects. East Water selected Ubon Ratchathani Technical College’s innovation as the prototype and developed a suction and venturi aerator workshop with knowledge transfer from one group to the next. The recent workshop was at Pattaya Technical College in Chonburi Province which was the target area in the 3rd year, after the workshop at Chachoengsao Technical College in Chachoengsao Province and Ban Khai Technical College in Rayong Province in 2014 and 2015 respectively. This is considered knowledge transfer to build on and improve the suction and venturi aerator.


A suction and venturi aerator works by using a siphon to pull up water from the bottom to the surface and air suction to mix air with water surface which is then blown out to ventilate and add air or oxygen to water, resulting in improved quality of wastewater before released into the natural water supply. This innovation followed the idea of King Bhumibol Adulyadej to solve wastewater problems with an invention called “Chaipattana Aerator” with further development to be used with deeper water sources or wells with low water flow rate.


This innovation has been proven usable and can improve the quality of wastewater and reduce water pollution in the community. The aerators were already installed and used at Nakhon Nueang Khet old market, Amphoe Muang, Chachoengsao Province and household wastewater pond of Chachoengsao community housing project, Amphoe Ban Pho, Chachoengsao Province, 2 for each place. Moreover, another 4 suction and venturi aerators were developed at Ban Khai Technical College, Rayong Province, to be installed in the village’s raw water supply of Moo 2, Tambon Wangchan, Amphoe Wangchan, Rayong Province.


This suction and venturi aerator workshop at Pattaya Technical College, Rayong Province followed the success of Chachoengsao Province and Rayong Province. East Water planned to install 4 suction and venturi aerators in Rayong Province in 2017.


Next, East Water will organize a brainstorming session for 3 educational institutes including Chachoengsao Technical College, Ban Khai Technical College, and Pattaya Technical College together with the communities in which the aerators were installed and used to improve the functions of the aerators with a focus on easy-to-use, convenient and energy-saving features. It is expected that the 3 technical colleges will be the main users of the innovation to protect the water supply in the local community and encourage local people to participate in environmental and water conservation