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East Water presents its vision to solve industrial water problems for water security in 2nd World Irrigation Forum

East Water demonstrated its leadership in comprehensive water management to ensure water security for all regions at the 2nd World Irrigation Forum in Chiang Mai. The company presented Water Complex approach which includes efficient water management and customized comprehensive water systems for each industry that enable wastewater recycling, leading to regional water security under climate change conditions. In addition, the company presented its success in water management through East Water’s water pipeline networks in the eastern region.


East Water Public Company Limited or East Water had the honor of co-hosting the “Water Management in the Changing World: The Role of Irrigation for Sustainable Food Production” side meeting at the 2nd World Irrigation Forum, a major international forum held every 3 years. As a member of International Commission on Irrigation & Drainage (ICID) with members from over 110 countries, Thailand had the honor of hosting the forum this year with the greatest readiness and potential in irrigation in the region. The Royal Irrigation Department was assigned as the main host to organize the forum at The International Convention and Exhibition Centre Commemorating His Majesty’s 7th Cycle Birthday Anniversary on 612 May 2016.


Jirayut Rungsrithong, President & CEO of East Water Public Company Limited or East Water said “The 2nd World Irrigation Forum was an academic conference to exchange ideas and agree on a collaborative approach to develop irrigation and drainage with the main topic of “Water Management in the Changing World: The Role of Irrigation for Sustainable Food Production”. Thanks to East Water’s contribution to water problem solutions in the industrial sector, the company was invited by the Provincial Electricity Authority (PEA) to co-host a side meeting. As industry is considered a key driver of sustainable production process, water management in the changing world is of high importance.


As East Water has been an expert in water management in the eastern region for over 24 years, the company has the important mission to prevent water shortage in the industrial sector. At this forum, we presented our solutions to Thailand’s water system with “Water Complex” model. It is another step of East Water in becoming a comprehensive water solutions provider for each type of industry, including raw water, water supply system, RO water system, and reuse and recycle system. The model focuses on efficient and environmentally-friendly use of water through new technologies that maximize the efficiency of water management, minimize loss in the system, and increase water supply. This concept was in accordance with the topic of this meeting because in the changing world, food production is mainly in the agricultural sector and industrial sector and therefore efficient irrigation and systematic water management that ensure water security for all regions around the world will contribute to sufficiency and sustainability of food production for the world’s increasing population”.


The Water Complex is a new concept that East Water will contribute to the sustainability and stability of the country’s water utility system. This concept follows the success of Water Grid, ASEAN’s first most comprehensive water pipeline network in the eastern region, connecting main water sources in 3 provinces in the eastern region including Rayong, Chachoengsao and Chonburi. The Water Grid can control water quality throughout the network with less than 3% water loss, compared to over 20% before the Water Grid was utilized. The expansion of the Water Grid to other regions to connect water sources all over the country with large-sized water pipelines will enable water diversion from areas with plenty of water to areas that require more water and therefore eventually solve water shortage problems.


In addition, East Water together with the Provincial Electricity Authority organized an exhibition at the World Irrigation Forum to present Water Management for the Thailand 4.0 concept which includes SCADA technology which maximizes the efficiency of transporting water through water grids. The 3W concept, a new concept to build the country’s sustainable water system as Thailand’s water management solution was also presented.


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