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East Water arranged the football match to build the relationship with Pluakdaeng community people

Lately, Eastern Water Resources Development and Management PLC or East Water arranged the friendly football match with public agencies, community leaders, and Pluakdaeng community people. The teams were from Laharn Sub-District Administration Organization and Mae Nam Ku Sub-District Administration Organization. This competition was held at the football field of Laharn Sub-District Administration Organization, Pluakdaeng District, Rayong Province. The result was that Laharn Sub-District Administration Organization won with 1 : 0.    

East Water realized the benefits of playing sports which was not only build the unity in the groups of people but could also develop the quality of life of people in the community as well as enhancing the competentce to be strong. This was the reason why East Water had promoted in the sports throughout the time.

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