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3 water agencies prepare for the drought and it is announced that there will be no shortage in Eastern Seaboard.

East Water shows the eastern water management with SCADA system along with explaining the readiness to cope with the drought with the irrigation project of Rayong and the Industrial Estate Authority of Thailand to ensure the operators in Map Ta Phut Industrial Estate. The exploration is ready for the water amount in the main reservoirs and construction projects. It is ensure that the Eastern Seaboard will surely recover from the drought crisis.

From the drought crisis currently occurring in many areas around the country, many sectors begin to worry about the water situation in the eastern seaboard where is located the main industrial zone of the country. The primary agencies responsible for water in this region such as the Irrigation Department and Eastern Water Resources Development and Management PCL (East Water) cooperate with the Industrial Estate Authority of Thailand (IEAT) to clarify the readiness coping with the drought. The plan for water management in the dry season and the measures to prevent the drought crisis from the drought case is conformed in order to create clarity and confidence to entrepreneurs.

Mr. Sokul Cheauphakdee, Director of Engineering of Eastern Water Resources Development and Management PCL (East Water), reveals, “From the current water situation, it can be seen that the overall eastern areas are not worrisome except in Chonburi and Chachoengsao which are needed to be monitored closely. We already have a backup plan to prevent drought already. The water will diverse from Prasae Reservoir to Klong Yai Reservoir in the amount of 87 million cubic meters to supply to the consumers in the industrial and consumption sectors in the provinces of Rayong and Chonburi. This includes precipitation of the water pipelines of Nongplalai - Nong Kho line 2 to enhance the potential of water supply from Nongplalai Reservoir to water consumers in the area of Pluak Daeng – Bowin to be available for supplying water within early May, 2016.

For the area of Chachoengsao, the demand for water usage during the dry season is about 7 million cubic meters. From the drought in the area of Chao Phraya - Pa Sak, East Water has to deliver water to such area additionally. However, we have prepared a backup plan for supplying water from the private soil pond to serve for 2.5 million cubic meters. It is expected to be provided more for another 4.5 million cubic meters in order to help the area of Chachoengsao to have reserved water sources in the dry season adequately. From the cooperation of all authorities, the problems can be solved and it is sure to go through the drought like previously."

Mr. Prasan Phreuksachat, Director of Rayong Irrigation Project, Royal Irrigation Department, reveals the water situation in the main water reservoirs, "The amount of water is still enough for consumption and it is adequate to be used in the industrial sector during this dry season. The main reservoirs in Rayong province consist of Nongplalai Reservoir, Dokkrai Reservoir, and Klong Yai Reservoir. The total volume is 192.8 million cubic meters calculated as 66.8% more than in the same period of last year for 30.4%. For Prasae Reservoir, the total volume of water is 195.0 million cubic meters calculated as 66% which is good. For Bangphra Reservoir and Nong Kor Reservoir in Chonburi, the total volume of water is 37.18 million cubic meters calculated as 26.9% which is lower than in the same period of the previous year for 32.27%."

Mr. Withun Yutim, Deputy Governor of Operation 3, Industrial Estate Authority of Thailand adds, "IEAT has the plan to deal with the drought occurring in 2016. The order is on conducting the plan for drought management in the areas of industrial estates nationwide. The water situation is continually monitored with the coordination of Royal Irrigation Department and the Meteorological Department to cope with the problem quickly. There is also the cooperation closely with the developer of industrial estates as well as informing the operator periodically for the preparation all the time."

Apart from the cooperation as mentioned above, East Water also gives priority to the prevention and mitigation on the drought continually. The SCADA technology is applied to control the water pumping system of East Water in order to help reducing the water lost in the pipe line to less than 3%. It is the efficient water use. The concept of water management is also proposed to emphasize the use of water worthily and environmentally friendly in the project of Water Complex. This is the arrangement of water system completely and appropriately for the use of each industry and can be recycled. This system can be used in the households with the Reclaimed water system or the water system of two pipes to separate the water pipes and sewage pipes. The used water is then entering for the treatment and recycling in the flushing system to water the trees. Such project will meet the needs of the government to solve the problems of drought and sustainability.