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East Water participated in Kathin Robe Offering Ceremony at Khao Bang Phra Temple Chon Buri Province
24 October 2021
East Water participated in the Royal Kitchen and volunteering activities “Mee Laeo Baeng Pun”
12 October 2021
29th anniversary, East Water granted donations to Red Cross Society in 4 provinces in the Eastern region to procure medical supplies during COVID-19
4 October 2021
NRF collaborated with East Water
17 September 2021
East Water driving the project of production control and maintenance of community water supply system in collaboration with The Institute of Vocational Education of Eastern Region to create food quality of life in terms of water to the communities.
6 September 2021
East Water gives drinking water and consumer goods and supports activities for public interest during the spread of COVID-19 in the 3 provinces in the eastern area
19 July 2021

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