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East Water strives to fully provide complete water services Driving all projects to meet the increasing demand of water consumption
22 September 2022
East Water celebrated the 30th anniversary Arranging the Green Forest Recovering and Sustainable Youth Development Activity
8 September 2022
East Water volunteers to encourage schools to treat wastewater from the canteens Before releasing to the natural sources
24 August 2022
East Water addressed the general debate and inaccurate information. It confirmed the payment of income share and legal tax payment under the contract and the law. All information has been sent to DSI.
9 August 2022
East Water has been granted the 2nd certificate by CAC For anti-corruption emphasizing transparent operations
21 July 2022
East Water creates good quality of life in terms of water to the communities Moving forward with the sustainable maintenance and management of community water supply
12 July 2022

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