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“East Water” is committed to creating water security in 2023 continually, emphasizing leadership in creating stability in the management and development of the country's water resources with smart technology
3 February 2023
East Water wins Sustainability Model Organization Award in the Thai Capital Market for Supporting Persons with Disabilities
2 December 2022
East Water welcomed PWA Executives and Reiterate the Mission that Every Area must have adequate water to use.
17 November 2022
Eastwater (EASTW) launched the first debenture sale with a total amount of 1,600 million baht.
19 October 2022
Eastwater (EASTW) has been selected “THSI” in the year 2022 for the 8th consecutive year reinforcing business operation according to the ESG concept towards sustainability.
5 October 2022
East Water moving forwards to enhance the efficiency of water transmission pipeline network Emphasizing the one-stop water service
30 September 2022

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