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East Water collaborates with Asia Infrastructure Management (AIM) in extensive development of water and solar technology service provision
14 June 2023
ONWR collaborates with Easter Water and IEAT to create water stability in the eastern region
2 June 2023
East Water cooperated with CPGC Industrial Estate (CPGC) to support water demand and enhance investor confidence
2 May 2023
East Water conforms to the order while the Treasury Department confirms that this delivery does not affect water users
12 April 2023
East Water is ready to return the main water pipeline but the government is requested to focus on water management entirely
24 March 2023
East Water (EASTW) showed performance in 2022 with a profit of 712.81 million baht, with a dividend payment of 0.21 baht per share. Investors responded to the most popular bonds. The debenture limit is prepared to be increased to 16,000 million baht.
10 March 2023

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