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Deputy Minister of Interior visits Thap Ma raw water storage pool development project, cooperate with East Water to solve the flooding and drought problems in Rayong.
28 August 2020
Deputy Minister of Interior together with East Water visited Rayong to donate the aid packages to help alleviating the sufferance of people during the COVID-19 period
29 May 2020
Deputy Minister of Interior joined by East Water to visit the Chachoengsao area for giving the aid packages to alleviate the sufferance of people during COVID-19 situation
29 May 2020
Deputy Minister of Interior monitored the drought situation in Chonburi area and the progress of the projects supporting EEC East Water revealed the plans to increase water management efficiency
20 May 2020
East Water reveals the performance of 2019. Using drought control measure at full power.
17 April 2020
East Water’s Annual General Meeting has been indefinitely postponed due to COVID-19 situation. The dividend will be paid as interim dividend instead of the annual dividend
3 April 2020

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