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Since East Water operates water management for more than 20 years and has expertise in water supply administration, East Water Group is the first company in Thailand to adopt the technology to produce tap water from sea water using Reverse Osmosis system to remove salt from seawater. The business is to resolve water shortage issue in major tourist destinations near the sea and is done under the joint-venture agreement with government agencies. This will bring stability in tap water production and ensure that we will be able to provide water supply to local people and tourist efficiently. In other words, it strengthens the quality of life and living of people and tourist industry which will benefit economic and social development. 

Apart from this, East Water Group is ready to elevate the expansion of Recycled Water business in industry sector, so that water resource is use efficiently. It is to stabilize water resources and minimize risk and damages that may occur from drought in the future, so it mainly benefits the industrial sector.

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