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Raw Water Rate

Remark : 

*  1. Price rate depends on location.

   2. The above water charge rate is applicable to the users who receive raw water from the Company regularly every month. If the users stop receiving water from the Company for more than 2 months per year or receive water less than 50% of the volume of allocated water, the Company reserves the right to terminate the raw water purchase agreement or calculate the raw water tariff as deemed appropriate.

   3. Raw water trading for the water users who have not signed the contract with the Company before including the water users who terminated the contract in accordance with Clause 3 will be considered by the Company as temporary users. The Company will define the raw water using rate following the quantity of water and the time to supply raw water. The conditions for selling and purchasing raw water as prescribed by the Company must be conformed to.

   4. The Company reserves the right in revising the raw water price in line with administrative costs and pumping raw water according to the economic situation at that time as appropriate.

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