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The east coast is an important economic zone of Thailand as it is home to industrial centers such as metal industry, petroleum industry and motoring industry. Additionally, it is a logistic hub for land, sea and air transport, housing Laem Chabang Port and Map Ta Phut Port, as well as important tourism destinations such as Pattaya. Water management is crucial for this zone, so East Water is committed to investing in innovations and technologies to increase its fundamental system’s capacity both in construction and management to ensure quality standard and highest efficiency.

Control Center System

The company has implemented Control Center System to manage its water pump system, using standard database management and Master Centralized Control to control operation and communication in SCADA system. GIS program and Hydrodynamic Model are also used to plan and manage water resources and water use for maximum efficiency. These technologies are used for the utmost effectiveness in water management and water grid management.

Supervisory Control and

Data Acquisition (SCADA)

Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) is a computerized system that monitors a variety of plant data including pressure, and amount of water in water grid and in water resources. The data are sent directly to Control Center System so that everything is monitored and solved round the clock. It can help reduce water loss in pipe from 20% down to 3% in three years.

Mathematical Models 
and applied programs 
for water grid planning 
and management

Geographic Information System (GIS) and Hydrodynamic Model are computer technology that we use for planning and managing water grid such as in evaluating water supply (from allocated water and natural resources), water demands, water pumping system efficiency, and water/energy budget. These evaluations will be used in planning and management as well as quick and precise solutions to prepare for various cases of water management, and to ensure maximum efficiency of planning and management.

Hot Tapping / Wet Tapping


Hot tapping/wet tapping technology is a pipe connecting technique that has soil protection system. Excavation level reaches existing water pipes and they are connected with new ones, allowing easier maintenance, rerouting or splitting to other areas without disruption in supplying water to consumers.

Sink Caisson Technology

This technology is used in building water pump stations and reservoirs without stripping in areas of construction. The technology makes use of self-sinking caissons to excavate to predetermined depth. It can help prevent water leaking into underground construction and turbidity, resulting in uncompromised quality of water for consumers.

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