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About EW


Eastern Water Resources Development and Management Public Company Limited or East Water is a company registered in Stock Exchange of Thailand using EASTW as the abbreviation of stock. The Company runs water supply business by managing raw water transmission system through large water pipe to feed the water to industrial sector and for consumption to support the plan for developing eastern coastal area into the main industrial zone of the country.

Previously, East Water has invested to create stability in water supply to eastern Thailand by setting the first complete Water Grid in Thailand which is more than 491.8 kilometers (Completion year 2016) long connecting almost every main water resource in eastern Thailand. Apart from that, East Water also use modern technology to support the capability of the system in order to achieve highest potential. Currently, water loss in pipeline is less than 3%.

East Water runs its business under the vision stated that “To be the leader in ensuring security of the country's comprehensive water resource management and delvelopment through smart technology” in order to create business growth sustainably based on transparent management and Good Governance.

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